Team MD Goes to the State House

In the 8 years since Grassroots was founded, we have done some amazing things. We have blessed a lot of kids and parents. We have broken ground in many areas, but NEVER, have we done anything like what is about to happen on Monday Feb 27th, 2017.

During that glorious evening, the Maryland Senate is honoring Team Maryland’s FBU 8th Grade Championship Team with the presentation of a Senate Proclamation in the Senate Chamber during the Monday 2/27 session. The Legislature goes in at 8pm on Monday nights so the boys will be honored approximately 10-15 after the session actually begins. This is a night that will change the lives of these 40 young men and their families.

There will be having a reception for the Team and family members prior to the start of the session. It is scheduled for 6-7:45 in the Miller Senate Office Building. There are many events scheduled for that evening so they are only able to reserve 30 seats in the Senate Gallery.

The boys and 2 or 3 coaches will actually walk onto the Senate floor to be honored. Because they cannot seat all the visitors in the Gallery, it is their plan to have the proclamation at the reception to give all visitors the opportunity to see it and they will have the Senate photographer there to take photos.

Senator Douglass J.J. Peters and Senate President Miller will be in attendance, along with Senators and Delegates from all over the Great State of Maryland. Successful CEO’s from the Chamber of Commerce will be on hand to greet the players, parents, shake hands (and give out business cards I hope). Our babies will have a chance to meet some of the people they will hopefully be working for and with when their playing days are over.

The Coaching Staff from the University of Maryland and Howard University have already been invited, and we will try to get as many college coaches on hand has humanly possible.

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Grassroots. CLICK HERE to see our 7 Year Track Record, which clearly illustrates the Grassroots Difference.

If you want to be at next years ceremony, the first step is here. CLICK HERE to Learn more about how we do what we do.

Coach Mike

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